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8th February 2010

1:00pm: A few months ago a friend gave me a DVD full of music. I've barely scratched the surface of the contents, but it's awesome to have itunes DJ on and hear so many new (to me) good songs randomly. Today I'm particularly taken with T.Rex... I've always thought Bang A Gong (Get It On) is kind of a stupid song but the rest of the Electric Warrior album is great.

4th November 2009

3:14am: I can't sleep (slept to late this morning/afternoon) so I'm computer-putzing and drinking wine. Generally I don't like wine enough to prefer it over beer, but I've been in a few situations lately where porters made me feel disgusting, and not even in a drunk way... just too full. Also, I recently listened to the audiobook of Sideways... it was as good as the movie, but even boozier and more detailed, and they talk about wine a LOT... you almost can't resist the power of suggestion to drink more vino. I've never had a very sharp palate, but lately I've been curious as to whether the right wines will open up doors to flavor and experience I haven't achieved yet. This is something I've previously dismissed as bullshit, but maybe I've been wrong... I figure now is the time to test the waters, since I'm working in a store where the wine stewards love to recommend stuff.

Anyway, tonight it's Strong Arms Shiraz, and it is not my favorite (kinda bitter-sour on the tongue), but I really like the label. It's pretty much why I bought the bottle. So I looked up the artist (Mel Kadel), and I LOVE HIM. Very Edward Gorey.

2nd November 2009

1:46pm: A few things
This guy was a LONG time coming, and it just so happened that I came into the money the week that the movie came out. It's on my lower back.

There was a Halloween costume contest at work, with first prize being a PAID DAY OFF. I was terribly excited, but a week before Halloween I caught a gnarly bout of the flu, and almost didn't finish my costume. I was a ventriloquist and dummy... it's was a little rougher around the edges than I would've liked, but I got an overwhelmingly positive reaction to it, so I was pretty happy. And I managed to work a full day in it. I think the only competition is my coworker who dressed as a pinata, complete with bat that you could hit her with and she'd give you candy. I was so jealous...

18th October 2009

2:30am: prison inmates dancing to thriller
Jesus, is this old news? I've never seen anything like it!

7th October 2009

2:17pm: grammar question
"All the other money I had was big bills", or "All the other money I had were big bills"?

I realized it's a badly structured sentence either way, but I'm kinda curious.

24th September 2009

11:30pm: I'm making a pizza. I usually think heirloom tomatoes are stupid (they cost a ton and they don't taste as good as the reds) but I sliced a big red and yellow one up just now, and I felt like I was cutting open a heart. Veins of sunset color were woven all through this thing. I put it all over my pizza with eggplant and summer squash and dill and cheddar, and I'm pretty pleased with it.

My roommate is doing sit-ups in the other room with her headphones on. She keeps passing gas in girly little toots and making me laugh.

6th August 2009

11:50am: Well.

I'm freshly moved into a new place in Eugene. I'm writing this from the backyard patio, as two dogs and a cat wander or recline around me, comfortable for a change under cloudy skies. The wireless signal is best out here but I like being out with the critters anyway. My new roommate owns the house... she's just out of a long-term relationship, but she's very friendly and dry and sweet, so I don't think she'll be the icky post-breakup psycho type. She's also in roller derby, and whenever I mention that I feel like I'm name-dropping or something, but whatever! I'm excited to be mixing it up. It's time for a change.

I just got back from a trip to Seattle. Hadn't been since Christmas. I was only in town for three days, but I logged in plenty of family time, a rockin slip'n'slide session at DPH, and excellent bike rides through both Renton (by day) and Seattle/Discovery Park (by night). It was so good to see the familiar faces... being removed from the scene for a while makes it all the more impressive when you hear about the neat things your old friends are up to. I didn't get to see everybody, which I apologize for, but I was kinda letting myself be lazy about calling folks. However, my plan is to head back in the next month or two, at which point I promise to be more vocal.

The trip has left me rejuvenated. After getting all my shit arranged in the new place, I have big plans. I found my old biology and statistics textbooks at my folks' house, and I'm going to assign myself two or three homework days per week to bone up on the basic stuff I've forgotten. I'll incorporate a writing session into one of these days. I need to start working out again on a regular basis... I'm starting to chunk up more than I'd like. I want to take a rock climbing class. I want to do more yoga. Blueberries are still in season, and I want to make a bunch of jelly. I want to start a worm composting bin. I want to knit tons of stuff and sell it to the incoming college crowd. I want to make kombucha. There's just so much stuff to do! Feels good.

31st July 2009

9:55am: Seattle peepy-peeps!
I'll be heading up to Seattle with Kathryn in tow on Sunday, and staying as late as Wednesday. Save me some social hours!

4th June 2009

2:14pm: bwahahaha

I'm such a dork.

3rd April 2009

11:21pm: So I'm working in a grocery store again. It's ok. It would be better if I got a fucking discount, but it's definitely nice to work around people and food again. It's also nice to have money inflow.

Kathryn came to visit this past week and it was a blast. We got raging drunk at 80s night, checked out a burlesque show and some hot springs, hiked, sampled various Eugene goodies, and she made tons of awesome raw food. It was great being around one of the old crew again.

Spring is overdue. Although the daffodils have been nice.

16th March 2009

4:21pm: For all you outdoor gearheads
Steep and Cheap: extremo deals on gear, offered one item at a time.
3:53pm: My dreams have been noticeably vivid in the last few months. I wake up feeling rested but also like my mind has been churning out ideas at the same speed as when I'm awake.

This weekend I went to an awesome show with Terry and some of his friends, and then we went back to his place for a few. The others wanted to head back out to a bar but I was pooped, so I stayed in and went to bed. I dreamed that Terry came home and said that he had taken mushrooms but they hadn't worked. Later that night I woke up and asked him if he'd taken mushrooms because I wasn't sure if I'd dreamed it... he said he had, and they had kicked in, and said he didn't want to be touched for a while. The next morning I woke up and hesitantly asked him again if he had taken them... he said no. I had dreamed that I dreamed that he took some. TOO META.

And this morning I woke up from a school nightmare that I was way behind on my homework. I can't believe I still have those sometimes.

13th March 2009

4:46pm: Got a job at a big PCC-style grocery in town, huzzah! I've been applying to the environmental/science-focused jobs that've occasionally popped up, but the college kids and smart hippies have been all over those too... my roommate says one of the jobs (which she has connections to) had around 70 applicants. But I've kinda missed working in customer service, and since I'll be working evenings I'll have plenty of time to do some morning volunteering that I was hoping to get involved with. Also, this job is full time with benefits! I don't think I've ever had decent benefits. I don't know how long I'll be happy to stay put in Eugene, but for now this is exactly what I need. And my depleted finances can breathe a sigh of relief.

This morning I spent an hour on my federal taxes, then the rest of the afternoon on my Oregon taxes. State taxes = balls.

Oh! About a month ago I was visiting friends in Portland, and they told me about a girl giving away some of her artwork. She put all the paintings on her website, and opened it for comments at noon on a Saturday... the first person to comment on each piece got to keep it. I managed to score this one:

I really liked it, but Terry's walls are pretty bare, so I gave it to him. He loved it... it's just his style. Anyway, I told the girl I could knit her something in return. She requested a colorful scarf, so eventually this is what she got:

I just love this random friendly give-and-take between strangers.

4th March 2009

9:50pm: Dating Terry has put me in a really, really good place.
I'm pleased that spring is moving right along.
I'm still unemployed and concerned about money... slim pickins in the job market here.
However, I'm kind of enjoying the art of budgeting.
I spent last month going vegan to see what it was like.
I mostly succeeded, except for sushi on Valentines day and the occasional milk chocolate.
I ate a cheddar frank from a fancy hot dog place this afternoon and almost fainted from meaty goodness.
I'm a craft fiend lately. I dunno why, although unemployment certainly helps. But it's great because I'm cranking out lots of stuff I'd planned to make for friends for the longest time.

People are coming to visit this month and I'm STOKED.
Tonight on the drive home I saw a license plate on a minivan that read "IN HIM". My first thought was a gay couple. Haha.

13th February 2009

1:40pm: haha.

12th February 2009

3:23pm: Oh my shit
The Salmon Dance by Chemical Brothers just came up in my party shuffle and I about died laughing from the memories.


I miss ya'll!

27th January 2009


24th January 2009

6:59pm: Two weekends ago my friend Ben came to visit. He's freakishly tall and red-headed and one of my favorite party people, so I was pretty drunk through about 50% of the weekend. We failed a hot springs attempt due to the road being snowy, but we did catch a kick ass burlesque show (hooray for FULL FRONTAL, suck it Washington!), hiked the largest butte in town, rocked the Raptor Center, and shot all kinds of shit. One night Terry came to hang out, and there were darts and a Rock Band competition, and everything was glorious... but Terry got all weird about the fact that Ben and I used to date, and there was silly drama. Luckily, the novelty of that situation helped us make up pretty quick. I'm by no means a fan of all that stupid shit but I have to admit, it hits the right spot sometimes.

Last weekend was my roommate's birthday. I made her a scarf. She rented a cabin and had a bunch of friends up near Crater Lake to go skiing. I figured that x-country skiing was more or less the same as snowshoeing... turns out, um, no. It was intensely slick (we were the only ones willing to brave the rim on skis) and most of the time there were steep slopes going down on either side of the path, which was frequently narrow. That said, we all felt like badasses, and the people were pretty great, so it was a lot of fun. Naturally, there was also plenty o' drinkin, and the morning before we left we found an amazing sledding hill with jumps already built up.

Since I got back, I've been kinda hung up on the dude. Last night we saw Slumdog Millionare, and afterward went to my house for a killer makeout session (it's funny how hot kissing can be, before you even get your pants off), and I worked up the nerve to drop the L bomb. Damn... I haven't initiated that in years, and the last time I did it was not well-received, so I had forgotten how scary it is. But this time everybody came out happy, and I guess that's why I need to brag about it like an asshole now... I feel like I won a round of poker with high stakes.

Over the course of this winter, I feel like my life's been ruffled up uncomfortably, then settled back down in a place where I like it to be. I guess I'm still poking some things around, but for the most part I'm happy. It's a good feeling.

6th January 2009

1:12pm: "I hate geraniums. They smell like a bad experience from a childhood I didn't have."
--my roommate

3rd January 2009

1:11pm: WOW.
Sunset Boulevard is an incredible movie... maybe my favorite out of the 50s. It's a trip to see the origin of dozens of parodies that you didn't recognize as parodies because you saw the original afterward. And I always thought the "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille" quote was by Marilyn Monroe in some sexy scene, not a batty old lady. Also I thought it was Mr. DeVille.

1st January 2009

8:13pm: working backwards
For new years there was the option of a band and a bar and lots of expensive booze... but instead I met Terry, and we biked to the top of Skinner's butte, and went down some secret dark stairs among the trees to where there's a giant concrete E laid out on the ground (apparently there's an O elsewhere on the butte, so planes can see "E O" for Eugene, Oregon). It was raining lightly but our narrow view of town through the trees was very clear. At midnight there were tiny bursts of fireworks all over and we could hear screaming and clanging and someone playing bagpipes. We drank a $5 bottle of champagne and cuddled. Then we biked home and watched Flight of the Conchords. This is definitely a top contender for my favorite new years eve.

The last few months have been... unsavory from time to time, and I wasn't feeling Christmasy this year, so I was kinda dreading going home. It turned out to be a great vacation, though. All my sibs were home and we got to clock in a lot of family social time, in a good sense. It was particularly awesome to drink with my baby brother for the first time, during which we had a moment of acknowledgement that we're cut from the same cloth... he told me I was lot more "wirey" than the other sisters, which he appreciated. And my older sister knits too, so we got to obsess about it together. My parents were their usual overbearing selves but since there were so many of us, it was spread out to a tolerable level.

I didn't get social like crazy, but one night I had a really nice time chillin at Jeremy's house with Andrew and Ben while they got domestic. Another day I spent with Kathryn running on Alki and then creating a deliciously weird and healthy soup... which I followed with some of Nathan's Flatliner tots at the Tin Hat. I felt ill when I got home, but it was worth the memories. I'm sorry I didn't make more of an effort seeing you other folks... next time I'll probably be more desperate to get away from home.

But I'm not making that drive again very soon. When I left Eugene I was on the road for 4 hours and hadn't gotten to Portland yet... I-5 north of Woodburn was like off-roading, and it was dark, so I said fuck it and pulled off to stay in a motel in Wilsonville. Within an hour, they had closed the freeway. The next day my mom was calling me every hour, but aside from a half hour blizzard around Chehalis and tons of tire chains littering the freeway, Washington was fine. After vacation, the road south was essentially clear, but in some places the lane lines had been shifted or shattered or completely removed by chains. Surreal.

29th December 2008

1:26am: Man. I was just cleaning out a bunch of old shit in the basement of my parents house (accumulated stuff from my college years, mostly), and in the cabinet of a hideous 70's end table I found a big plastic bag. My prom dress was crumpled up inside it. Naturally, I had to kick off my filthy jeans and try it on. I wore it several years ago to the Abnormal Formal at the Rad Pad (my gourd, the affinity for witty rhymes was fucking decent back then), but haven't seen it since. Like most prom dresses, it's pretty ridiculous and can't really serve much purpose ever again, except as a joke... but slipping into all that tulle, zipping up the shimmery bodice, and running around with the full creamy skirt billowing behind me still gives me the little girl princess feelings. Way fun.

I'm tempted to donate it tomorrow because it's still quite a nice dress and I bet someone could get some use out of it... but I'm also tempted to just keep it for my own enjoyment every few years.

23rd December 2008

1:55pm: I didn't set my alarm because I went to bed before midnight, and figured I'd wake up before 10 for sure. At 1pm I woke up to discover I was wrong. Leaving for Seattle now... wish me luck!

21st December 2008

7:27pm: Just finished all data entry. The plan is to head home tomorrow... looks like it'll be quite the deadly adventure! I'm excited... we don't have any snow right now, and the idea of a white Seattle pre-Christmas effin weird. I'm supposed to meet up with my boss in Portland tomorrow too, but it's very likely I'm gonna tell him Happy Holidays, forget it.

As for tonight, I'm in relaxo mode and I'm going out to see my boy.

15th December 2008

10:36pm: Geez. My roommate keeps making delicious baked goods, and it is a problem. I'm not too worried about fattening up again, because I'm doing data entry these days and there's no better motivator to go running... staring at a screen for a few hours always makes me want to get the hell outta Dodge at top speed. But I've gotten much less strict in the last year about what I eat, so I'm out of the habit of limiting myself when there's gooey goodness around. The problem, essentially, is that at the end of the day I'm loaded up on butter and sugar and I feel like ASS. I'm almost looking forward to heading home and living under my mother's iron thumb of health.

Snowy Eugene is beautiful, but drivers displays ineptitude on ice typical of the northwest. It's kinda comforting. As is knitting, which I've been doing in a lot of my spare time lately. I finished this owl hat today.

Oh! That reminds me. Has anyone seen my gray hat I was wearing in Seattle a lot, pictured below? I haven't seen it since I was up there.

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