Meghan (a_gentle_hill) wrote,

working backwards

For new years there was the option of a band and a bar and lots of expensive booze... but instead I met Terry, and we biked to the top of Skinner's butte, and went down some secret dark stairs among the trees to where there's a giant concrete E laid out on the ground (apparently there's an O elsewhere on the butte, so planes can see "E O" for Eugene, Oregon). It was raining lightly but our narrow view of town through the trees was very clear. At midnight there were tiny bursts of fireworks all over and we could hear screaming and clanging and someone playing bagpipes. We drank a $5 bottle of champagne and cuddled. Then we biked home and watched Flight of the Conchords. This is definitely a top contender for my favorite new years eve.

The last few months have been... unsavory from time to time, and I wasn't feeling Christmasy this year, so I was kinda dreading going home. It turned out to be a great vacation, though. All my sibs were home and we got to clock in a lot of family social time, in a good sense. It was particularly awesome to drink with my baby brother for the first time, during which we had a moment of acknowledgement that we're cut from the same cloth... he told me I was lot more "wirey" than the other sisters, which he appreciated. And my older sister knits too, so we got to obsess about it together. My parents were their usual overbearing selves but since there were so many of us, it was spread out to a tolerable level.

I didn't get social like crazy, but one night I had a really nice time chillin at Jeremy's house with Andrew and Ben while they got domestic. Another day I spent with Kathryn running on Alki and then creating a deliciously weird and healthy soup... which I followed with some of Nathan's Flatliner tots at the Tin Hat. I felt ill when I got home, but it was worth the memories. I'm sorry I didn't make more of an effort seeing you other folks... next time I'll probably be more desperate to get away from home.

But I'm not making that drive again very soon. When I left Eugene I was on the road for 4 hours and hadn't gotten to Portland yet... I-5 north of Woodburn was like off-roading, and it was dark, so I said fuck it and pulled off to stay in a motel in Wilsonville. Within an hour, they had closed the freeway. The next day my mom was calling me every hour, but aside from a half hour blizzard around Chehalis and tons of tire chains littering the freeway, Washington was fine. After vacation, the road south was essentially clear, but in some places the lane lines had been shifted or shattered or completely removed by chains. Surreal.
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